Puppy Token Properties


Q1 - 1,000,000,000 Fixed Limited Supply

Puppy has a fixed limited supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens total. No more can ever be created, as guaranteed by code. Puppy is considered rare at 1/50 the scarcity of Bitcoin, and purer at an absolute 0.00% inflation rate. (In comparison, Bitcoin inflates at 2%, Ethereum at 4.2%, and Dogecoin at 3.8%). Puppy begins with an initial price of 0.00016 $ per token, and its value rises over time with scarcity.



Q2 - Moon is the limit

The top is unlimited. Unlike traditional stablecoins, Puppy has a fixed supply and therefore has no fixed maximum top. As Puppy gains popularity and circulation, it could potentially reach higher values being worth as much as 10 million or 100 million. The moon is the limit.

Q3 - Web 3 Decentralized Social Coin

Puppy is a next-gen Web 3.0 decentralized social coin and meme-coin. Unlike older meme-coins like Doge, Puppy fully supports smart-contracts and modern Proof-of-Stake networks. As a blockchain-agnostic / multi-chain cryptocurrency, Puppy leverages the latest modern technologies to enable decentralized finance, staking, NFTs, governance, gaming, and the metaverse.

Q4 - Community-Driven Ecosystem

As a 100% decentralized community governerd by a DAO, Puppy supports a diverse ecosystem of projects including online communities, digital art and NFTs, social marketing, products, metaverse and more in our Discord. At its foundations, Puppy is a social-media driven cryptocurrency that can drive rapid exponential growth.

Q5 - Transactional Currency & Store of Value

As a decentralized currency, Puppy can be used both as a store of value coin and a means of transaction. Puppy’s unique limited supply makes it especially ideal as a store of value with unlimited growth. Puppy can be transferred in fractional amounts (up to 18 decimals), allowing it to be also used for smaller transactions.

Q6 - Exclusive club of Puppy Lovers

Puppy acts as a hybrid-NFT, with its limited supply of 1,000,000,000 coins. Holders not only join an exclusive club of “Puppy Lovers”, but also the coins act as status symbols and gate access to certain features like private NFT art auctions at LionRun and access to the Puppy Pool, Puppy Launchpad, and DAO features. Puppy’s widespread fame on social-media has made it a collectible as well as to adorn any digital wallet.

Q7 - Transparency and Trust

Puppy’s code is fully audited and verified. Unlike other coin projects with anonymous founding teams, Puppy was transparently launched by a prominent SEO Expert with over 1o years of experience through a public website with no presales. The 100% decentralized governance DAO platform ensures democratic community decision-making.

Q8 - Binance Smart Chain

Puppy exists as an ERC-BEP smart contract on the Binance blockchain, decentralized and validated by millions of computers worldwide.

Q9 - Polygon Bridge

Puppy is also available on the Polygon (MATIC) protocol, ported as a Proof-of-Stake token. Puppy benefits from extremely low transaction fees and high-scalability through layer-2 sidechains.

Q10 - Avalanche Bridge

Puppy is available on Avalanche AVAX blockchain bridge, an emerging ecosystem and the fastest blockchain in the world for high-scalability and versatility.

Q11 - Solana Bridge

Puppy is available on Solana, a worldwide interent-scale blockchain bridge. Puppy benefits from Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Stake third-gen infrastructure.

Q12 - Moonriver Bridge

Puppy is available on Kusama blockchain, via the Moonriver incentivized canary network. Kusama offers Proof-of-Stake high-scalability and unparalleled blockchain interoperability.

Q13 - Puppy White Paper

To learn more, read the Puppy White Paper.