The first Puppy Coin NFT is ready for bidding on BakerySwap

Undoubtedly one of the most popular NFT markets in BSC with a daily average of $37 million in trading volume, BakerySwap probably does not need recommendations. This new partnership will see the first 100 Puppy Coin NFT sold on the BakerySwap platform to only the one winner with priority list.

To encourage the launch of the new market, Puppy Coin NFT and BakerySwap have also partnered to offer a Puppy Coin NFT Transaction Tender. This will reward hodlers who exchange Puppy Coin NFT assets on the BakerySwap platform with a 100 BUSD share.


Puppy is a BNB (Binance) Smart Chain currency supported across 5+ different blockchains leveraging modern technologies. In contrast with other meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba, Puppy supports smart-contracts, DeFi, staking, NFTs, DAOs, Proof-of-Stake high scalability, fast transactions, and the gaming metaverse.


Who is the founder of Puppy Coin NFT?

Puppy Coin NFT was founded by Artisti Yannis Divramis (Founder) in 2021, representing a relatively new project. The project was created and developed by a team of anonymous developers who see a bright future in the model of decentralized autonomous organization.

The Puppy Coin NFT team, in addition to anonymity, is also against initial coin bids, token pre-sales and token development commitments for the development team. This is why the team has no share in the existing Puppy Coin NFT overall offer. The team receives 10% of all Puppy Coin NFT badges produced through fixed limited supply. Based on this, the development team receives 10% of sales will go to the creator.


What makes Puppy Coin NFT unique?

The word “unique” may not fit the word “fork” in the blockchain world, but Puppy Coin NFT is a unique addition to the DeFi market, thanks to its features. Puppy Coin NFT creates a mix of some of the most popular services and features in the decentralized economy, making it a unique project.

Another element that makes Puppy Coin NFT innovative is the combination of AMM and DEX models. Users can discreetly exchange with smart contracts instead of using order books, resulting in the exchange process being further decentralized without intermediaries. Puppy Coin NFT is a project hosted on Binance Smart Chain and also one of the few DeFi projects to offer liquidity tanks for altcoins.


What gives Puppy Coin NFT value?

Puppy Coin NFT derives its value from its usefulness, its technical capability, its technology and its routine use. The usage rate can be determined based on the number of active users on the platform, as well as the trading volumes that show the buying and selling activity.

The market value of Puppy often does not correspond to its intrinsic value, which is determined by the technology used for the project, the activity of the development team, the technical capacity and the cases of use. The cryptocurrency market is more volatile than traditional financial markets, so the price of Puppy Coin can change radically overnight. The value of Puppy Coin NFT is also influenced by positive news and events, such as partnerships, mergers, updates and upgrades, general developments and other important events.


How many Puppy coins are in circulation?

There are currently 500.000 Puppy coins in circulation out of a total of fixed limited supply. Puppy Coin NFT, like Bnb and many other cryptocurrencies, has a limited overall offering of Pupp badges. The finite aggregate supply acts as an anti-inflationary mechanism and means that Puppy Coin could be a good storehouse of value in the long run.

The number of Puppy coins in circulation multiplied by the live price of Puppy Coin is equal to the market capitalization. Market capitalization determines Puppy’s ranking compared to similar cryptocurrencies and also determines its market share.


Other Technical Data

BakerySwap has many features that match some of the most popular DeFi services. These features include DEX, AMM, NFT marketplace, farming, Puppy Coin NFT stacking, liquidity tanks and adding liquidity and wallet integration. In addition to the Puppy Coin badge, the network also has Puppy Coin liquidity badges, which are used specifically to reward liquidity providers. Puppy Coin NFT badges can then be sold or exchanged for Puppy Coin.

Users can exchange altcoins, BEP-20 badges, BNBs and more through the use of liquidity tanks hosted in smart BSC contracts. Puppy Coin Hodlers can store Pupp in liquidity tanks to create more liquidity for DEX operations, while the two types of liquidity tanks differ in terms of rewards.


What is BakerySwap?

BakerySwap is the first AMM and DEX with a decentralized and open source structure, based on blockchain technology. It combines NFT features with the tools available on DeFi platforms to allow users to exchange discreetly, easily and instantly.

Unlike some other DEX platforms, BakerySwap does not integrate order books into the system, so the platform allows you to exchange tokens against liquidity tanks, instead of between sellers and buyers. BakerySwap is hosted on Binance Smart Chain as a decentralized application with specific utility. BakerySwap also hosts a launchpad and an NFT marketplace, where users can easily buy and sell non-fungible badges like Puppy Coin NFT.

Puppy Coin NFT is the governing badge of the BEP-20 platform, which means that it is supported by the BSC. Puppy Coin NFT is used in the reward system to incentivize liquidity providers and is the primary payment method in the NFTs protocol.


How does BakerySwap work?

BakerySwap can be compared to Uniswap, another well-known badge exchange protocol. While Uniswap is hosted on Ethereum Blockchain, BakerySwap acts as a decentralized application for AMM and DEX functions in Binance Smart Chain.

BakerySwap removes the intermediary from an exchange and instead uses an AMM model, where users can exchange their badges through smart contracts. Since there are no order books in the system, there are no third party interventions. Liquidity tanks are an integral part of the system, as users can exchange, trade and bid on auctions discreetly based on the liquidity provided. Liquidity tanks are supported by network participants on the BakerySwap platform.

The first Puppy Coin NFT is ready for bidding on BakerySwap! Do not miss the chance to be the one!

Users who are liquidity providers can deposit their available balance in tokens in suitable liquidity tanks to support the DEX and AMM system in exchange for rewards. Traders who exchange their badges must pay transaction fees and these fees are distributed to liquidity providers to motivate participation.

BakerySwap has a range of financial services, including badges and exchanges, farming, liquidity tanks, wallet connection, launchpad and liquidity enhancement.


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