How to buy Puppy coin on iToken

Huobi wallet transforms into iToken, adds decentralized investment services. Follow our guide to learn how to buy Puppy coin on iToken wallet.

Also, do not miss a special campaign that will be running for iToken users to win a Tesla Model 3!

Huobi Wallet, a secure and professional DeFi wallet, has improved its service offerings and will now be known as the iToken.

How to buy Puppy coin on iToken
Huobi wallet is now iToken wallet

A $200 million investment to iToken was given by the Huobi Group that will make iToken a decentralized investment platform, allowing users to easily access various DeFi and dApps services.

In addition to storing digital assets, iToken will also provide investment and financial management, as well as market information, and other new features to empower users with advanced digital asset management capabilities.

To celebrate this groundbreaking upgrade, all users participating in a special launch campaign will have the chance to win a Tesla Model 3, Tesla’s all-time best-selling electric car, after completing a series of activities.

How to buy Puppy coin on iToken
How to buy Puppy coin on iToken


More services to buy Puppy coin on iToken new platform

The iToken name reflects the ability of users to freely control their own digital data and represents iToken’s vision for a decentralized future. The new name reflects the fact that while users can use multiple digital wallets, they only need one to store and manage their favorite digital assets, especially those with the highest long-term growth potential.

iToken symbolizes a single place to store all digital data that can be seamlessly linked to various public chains, all backed by the highest security standards.

Download iToken for Android or IOS

As a professional single platform decentralized investment gateway with multiple data security measures such as security isolation and data encryption, iToken allows users to have complete control over their digital data by managing their own private keys.

Users can add and manage digital data with a single click and access a suite of useful DeFi tools, such as TVL rankings, direct chain switches, and a built-in security check report for dApps.

How to buy Puppy coin on iToken
iToken App for Puppy coin

NFT classification is integrated into iToken, allowing users to control NFTs across various public chains, receive cutting-edge information, and make the most appropriate trading decisions.

The inclusion of the GameFi section gives users access to popular blockchain games on major public chains. In addition, a new wealth management feature will soon be added that will allow users to participate directly in digital asset investing events such as DeFi and staking, with returns credited directly to their wallets.

How to buy Puppy coin on iToken
Buy Puppy coin on iToken

iToken will allocate half of the $ 200 million investment by the Huobi Group in hedge reserves for recently launched asset management operations, with the other half being used for day-to-day operations.

In addition, iToken will work with industry partners to develop a cloud-enabled cloud wallet product, allowing users to see the status of their investments in DeFi, NFT and manage assets in the chain wherever they are connected. on the Internet .

How to buy Puppy coin on iToken
Buy Puppy coin on iToken

iToken and its partners are committed to further collaboration in other areas, such as DeFi project proposals, cloud wallet connectivity, and enhanced user education.

How to buy Puppy coin on iToken
iToken 3 steps journey

Current users of Huobi Wallet do not need to take any action to enjoy the additional services offered by iToken. The wallet will continue to function as usual and users will have access to the new features of iToken when they are released. Business users will also enjoy a seamless transition to the new iToken for Business when it launches.

Digital asset wallets are plentiful in the market, but iToken goes a step further than simply storing digital assets to include dApps and multi-chain exchanges,” said Liser Lee, head of iToken.

“By enabling users to take full control of their investments, we hope to pave the way for true decentralized economic freedom.

A special lottery campaign will run from 25th to 21st June 2022 to thank all users for their support and commitment to iToken. Campaign users will have a chance to win a Tesla Model 3.

About iToken

How to buy Puppy coin on iToken
iToken Partners

iToken is a global, professional team with a mission to empower more people around the world with truly non-racial, secure and convenient financial services.

iToken aims to become the most secure cryptographic wallet in the world to store and swap Puppy coin by leveraging deep-rooted experience and know-how in both technology and operations to significantly reduce risk while ensuring the best user experience.

As a single platform, iToken supports more than 20 major public chains and tens of thousands of badges and has many features integrated to meet the diverse needs of users, such as DeFi TVL ranking, chain exchange, NFT ranking, GameFi module, browser d, etc.


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