How to buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap

Today I will introduce you to a new DeFi project which is the Narwhalswap exchange platform (Narwhal ≡ Tangible Unicorn). You can now buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap, which aims to expand the DeFi ecosystem to Binance Smart Chain, one of the strongest chains at the moment.

Recently, we saw an explosion in DeFi. But the original DeFi chain is becoming more and more congested, slower and it costs more and more. It’s time to move on… Take away the hassle of DeFi projects on slow and old exchange platforms.

In 2022, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform is a major development in the cryptocurrency industry. DeFi is an open financial currency system based on a decentralized and unchanging blockchain technology that no one can control.

This is the driving force behind the development of the decentralized financial system in the world, especially the rise of new platforms such as Narwhalswap.


Buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap

To buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap you need first to create a Metamask Wallet using either a desktop computer or mobile device, if you do not have yet. If you have already created a MetaMask wallet then you just need to connect to your wallet.

buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap
Create or connect MetaMask wallet


Choose the pair to buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap

buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap
Select Bnb/Pupp pair to trade


Import Puppy coin contract address

You can find Puppy coin contract address on Bscscan or copy it from our website’s homepage. However, we will add it here for your convenience so as to import it easily on Narwhalswap exchange platform.

Puppy coin contract address: 0xdb766082401abd8751ce3182a13ab71709dd7ad2

buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap
Buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap by importing Pupp contract address


Trade Bnb to buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap

Many new tokens on the BSC network offer the opportunity to trade on popular pairs such as BNB/PUPP. The more popular a token becomes, the higher the demand as marketers compete for the project’s unique LP badges for high-yield farm rewards. This is the main reason why the BSC chain is so abundant in DeFi projects at the moment.


Why choose Narwhalswap to buy Puppy coin?

Narwhalswap is a unique and new exchange platform on the Binance Smart Chain network. An ecosystem like Narswhalswap provides all the protocols for development and keeps the Binance Smart Contract in organized operation and absolute security so that the benefits of the users come always first. The puppy coin project will always be at the forefront of the decentralized movement with the advantage of being fast and low cost.

Blockchain technology has enabled more than a thousand global platforms to thrive today. From simply backing up Bitcoin and Ethereum to cryptocurrencies, blockchain can now revolutionize many industries such as finance, goods, medicine, and aviation.

The rapid development of technology has also made blockchain evolve from a simple protocol to a more complex protocol that is more powerful to use. Many DeFi platforms are active at the moment but have not seen some of the problems that persist in the decentralized protocol.

The introduction of Narwhalswap solves this problem and aims to make the Defi ecosystem better, faster, cheaper, anytime, anywhere with the help of Binance Smart Chain. Narwhalswap welcomes Puppy coin hodlers, traders and investors to join and buy Puppy coin on Narwhalswap for a better ecosystem.


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