How to buy Puppy coin with Go Pocket

Buy Puppy coin with Go Pocket wallet safely. It may be the first wallet that is interested in the security of our transactions by investigating every cryptocurrency that is created.

Go Pocket wallet is the security bodyguard for the web3 world providing ultimate, real-time and personalized security service for every crypto user. Their aim is to block any malicious attacks and protect users’ assets with proactive and comprehensive risk management strategies.


Go Pocket for security detection

Building a safe and open ecosystem for all users and crypto developers is Go Pocket’s main goal. Easily access your Puppy coins under their safety umbrella and transfer them cross-chain.


Instant token detection

Go Pocket is a multi-chain wallet with a user-friendly interaction. You can send, swap, receive and buy Puppy coin with Go Pocket instantly.

Their wallet supports multi-chains, multi-accounts, network change within dApps, cross-chain transactions, massive NFT management, mobile GameFi and many more.


Follow our photo guide to buy Puppy coin with Go Pocket!

Go Pocket wallet is available on App Store and Google Play. Choose according to your mobile phone compatible release.


1. Create a new wallet to buy Puppy coin with Go Pocket


2. Biometric security


3. Backup Go Pocket wallet


4. Search Go Pocket homepage

On the front page you can see the following options:

  • Buy crypto
  • Select network
  • Coins

Coins are sorted by:

  • net worth
  • name
  • network


5. Other option on the main menu

Depending on what you want to do choose one of the following options:

  • Search token (Pupp) or contract address ( 0xdb766082401abd8751ce3182a13ab71709dd7ad2 )
  • Buy crypto with fiat
  • Security detect – search


6. Wallet & account

Choose BSC to add crypto to buy Puppy coin with Go Pocket. You can separate assets into different accounts for smart contract risk isolation and better anonymity.

buy Puppy coin with Go Pocket
Create accounts for different assets


7. Select BNB to buy Puppy coin with Go Pocket


8. Swap BNB to Puppy coin


9. Puppy coin added successfully


To buy Puppy coin with Go Pocket is as easy as to buy from MetaMask wallet. It is all a matter of taste which wallet to use. Puppy is a great and increasing community. Don’t miss the chance to be part of it.



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