How to buy Puppy coin with ParaSwap

In the crypto world, you can buy or swap Puppy coin and other cryptocurrencies using centralized or decentralized exchanges.

Central exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Crypto or Kraken operate just like traditional stockbroking services, which act as intermediaries between you, your buyer and your cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized exchanges or DEXs, such as ParaSwap, are peer-to-peers that only serve to match the trading order.

Unlike a central exchange, a DEX will not hold your funds, positions or information. You do not need to trust third parties, the care remains yours! You are responsible for your tokens!

DeFi has evolved over the years and includes many services, with DEX being a key component of the Defi space, allowing encryption users to manage their tokens.


Why buy Puppy coin with ParaSwap?

ParaSwap is more than just a decentralized platform. ParaSwap acts as a “DEX adder“, which basically gathers information from all DEX, giving you the best exchange rates. For Puppy coin, ParaSwap gets all the information from PancakeSwapV2.

Using an API, ParaSwap works like Airbnb or Booking – it connects multiple DEXs, gathering information from all of them, enabling you to exchange native Binance Smart Chain tokens at the best prices.

In addition, ParaSwap lets you access lower-priced prices by splitting your orders and exchanging various DEXs.


Is it easy to swap Bnb to Pupp in ParaSwap?

You do not have to worry about comparing prices and combing all the DEXs yourself.

Just tell ParaSwap that you want to exchange Bnb to Pupp (Puppy coin) and DEX will do the rest.

ParaSwap brings together many of these DEXs under its umbrella, including: Uniswap, Bancor, Kyber, Compound, Fulcrum, 0x, MakerDAO, Aave, Sushiswap, Defiswap, Balancer and more.

The best part is that you do not need to create an account. Since ParaSwap is a decentralized service, all you need is to select BSC network and choose BNB-PUPP pair. Anyone in the world can use it!


How do I buy Puppy coin with ParaSwap?

There are 4 options how to buy Puppy coin with ParaSwap. However, all 4 options include to have Bnb in one of the following wallets.

  • MetaMask wallet
  • WalletConnect
  • Ledger
  • BSC wallet

In our article, we will show you 2 options about how to buy Puppy coin with ParaSwap. One with MetaMask wallet and another with Ledger.


1. Select BSC network

Select BSC network
Select BSC network


2. Connect MetaMask wallet to ParaSwap

Choose MetaMask wallet
Choose MetaMask wallet



3. Sign for access to your MetaMask wallet



4. Choose the pair you want to swap

To select Puppy coin (PUPP) you have to import Puppy’s contract address: 0xdb766082401abd8751ce3182a13ab71709dd7ad2

Import custom token - Puppy coin contract address
Import custom token – Puppy coin contract address


5. Your BNB to PUPP is ready to be swapped with ParaSwap!

Swap BNB to PUPP
Swap BNB to PUPP


Buy Puppy coin with Ledger Nano

Another option to buy Puppy coin with ParaSwap is by connecting your Ledger Nano wallet. By accessing ParaSwap via Ledger, you get the most out of your cryprocurrency experience. You will have access to the best prices and have complete control over your assets, while your private keys will remain tightly secure in your Nano hardware wallet.

Your personal keys will never leave the security of your hardware wallet, ensuring a depreciation experience when encrypting the exchange. In addition, every time you start an encryption exchange with your Nano wallet, you will be asked to validate it through the hardware for maximum security.


Here’s a quick guide that will guide you through all the steps you need to follow to buy Puppy coin with ParaSwap:

  1. To exchange BNB using ParaSwap, you will need to install the ParaSwap and Binance Smart Chain applications on your device and create an BSC account using Ledger Live. To enjoy the new features offered by the ParaSwap app, be sure to update to the latest firmware version on your Ledger (2.0.0 for Nano S & 1.3.0 for Nano X).
  2. Next, go to the Ledger Live Exchange tab and select ParaSwap. This will take you directly to the ParaSwap window in Ledger Live. The address of the selected BSC account will be displayed in the upper right corner of the Paraswap window. If you have multiple BSC accounts in Ledger Live, make sure you select the one you want to use for the exchange.
  3. Select the currencies you want to exchange, then check the order route and price. Finally, just confirm the exchange with Ledger Nano.


Our Puppy team is here to guide you through to buy Puppy coin with ParaSwap any time you wish. Contact us if you face any difficulties through the process.


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