How to buy Puppy Coin with Trust Wallet

Are you ready to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and make a purchase of Puppy Coin? Let us be the first to welcome you into the new global digital economy. At Puppy Coin, our mission is to bring the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to everyone, in a secure and incredibly user-friendly way.

To invest in Decentralized Social Coins like Puppy Coin, you must first obtain the Bnb you need from Binance Smart Chain. You will need Bnb (BEP20) to be able to buy Puppy Coin. Then you need a compatible wallet to be able to trade Token (Bnb → Pupp) in exchanges like Pancake Swap, Venus, Uniswap etc. The approved wallets are the Trust Wallet for mobile devices and the MetaMask for desktops. Once you have the tokens and wallet, you can safely access the Decentralized Social Coins ecosystem.

For the Greek Puppy Coin Community an easy way to buy Bnb -to swap for Puppy Coin- is through


Download the Trust Wallet App

To download the Trust Wallet App on your mobile phone you need to choose one of the following as you can see in the photos. It depends whether you are an iPhone or Smartphone user.

download Trust Wallet on app-store
Download Trust Wallet from AppStore
download Trust Wallet on google-play
Download Trust Wallet from Google Play


Follow our Guide how to download Trust Wallet



Next, select Binance Smart Chain and add Puppy Coin


Finally, connect your Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap


Send Bnb from Binance to Trust Wallet

Once you have downloaded and installed the Trust Wallet, the next step is to send Bnb from Binance to your Trust Wallet address.


To do this you must:

  • Open your Trust Wallet
  • Go to the Bnb currency and click Receive
  • Copy the Receiving Address
  • Open Binance
  • Go to Bnb
  • Click Withdraw
  • Fill in the amount and paste in the address you copied before
  • Press send

In a short time the Bnb Tokens will be in your Trust Wallet.


Swap Bnb on Smart Chain in Trust Wallet

Once your Bnb reach your Trust Wallet you should Swap them to buy Puppy Coin on Binance Smart Chain (Bsc).


To do this:

  • Open the Trust Wallet
  • Go to the Bnb Token
  • Click the “More” button
  • Select “Swap to Smart Chain
  • Select the Bnb amount you want to Swap
  • Press Swap

Be careful not to make the entire amount of Bnb Swap in Smart Chain because you will have to keep for the fee you have to pay during the conversion.


Open PancakeSwap

Open the Browser Tab on Trust Wallet and search for PancakeSwap. Once you find it, open it.


puppy coin airdrop


Find Puppy Coin in PancakeSwap

After opening PancakeSwap, you need to Swap Bnb Tokens for Puppy Coin. Search for Puppy Coin by clicking on “Select a Currency“.

If you can not find it in the available currencies then you should add it yourself. To do this you must add the Puppy Coin address.

Puppy Coin Binance Smart Chain Address: 0xdb766082401abd8751ce3182a13ab71709dd7ad2


Swap Bnb for Puppy Coin

After adding Puppy Coin to the available Tokens, you can proceed to Swap. Select the amount of Bnb you want to convert to Puppy Coin and press Swap. Remember not to select maximum amount so as to be able to pay for the conversion fees.

After you press Swap and Confirm the conversion for Puppy Tokens will have been transferred to your Trust Wallet.


Why choose Trust Wallet to buy Puppy Coin?

Enhanced security is one of the main benefits associated with cryptocurrencies. Each blockchain is secured using different consent mechanisms, and wallet addresses are usually encrypted. This makes cryptocurrency much more secure than traditional online transactions (PayPal, VISA, etc.), while at the same time offering unparalleled transparency.

Cryptocurrencies have gained ground as a method of payment, mainly due to the speed with which transactions are settled. Cryptocurrency transactions, whether international or when sending money to an upstairs neighbor, are usually extremely fast. This is because blockchain transaction verification does not require a central party, is not affected by currency exchange rates or other issues that characterize international transactions, and can be completed autonomously at any time.

An important advantage of most cryptocurrencies is that they are completely decentralized like Puppy Coin. Some cryptocurrencies are controlled by their developers, who can arbitrarily identify the characteristics of the currency tokens (supply, inflation, deflation, etc.), but many operate in a completely decentralized manner. This can be achieved through betting (or betting assignment), Decentralized Agencies (DAOs) or simply through the distributed network of miners supplying the grid by choosing how and where to distribute their fragmented power (mining power). Decentralization helps keep cryptocurrencies free from the risk of corruption that can occur when an individual entity has full control of a document currency, such as the euro.

If you need more specifications about how to buy Puppy Coin with Trust Wallet leave as a comment below.


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