How to buy Puppy Coin

This Beginner’s Guide introduces Puppy Coin and the whole concept behind it. Find out how to buy Puppy Coin, and how easy it is to connect your MetaMask wallet.

Open an account and buy Puppy Coin

You can get started by clicking through the links in the table below to open an account on one of the websites we suggest. Otherwise, you can keep reading to learn more about how to buy Puppy Coin.

These are the best platforms to open an account if you want to get cryptocurrency straight away:

Through an exchange you can receive Puppy Tokens right now. Exchanges are platforms where you buy and sell cryptocurrencies from other users at constantly fluctuating market prices. They are usually the first places to make new cryptocurrencies available and so should be your first call port.

There are two different types of exchanges, “centralized” and “decentralized“. Central exchanges act as intermediaries and places that store your money when not in use. Decentralized choices, meanwhile, have no third party in control of things and instead simply facilitate the transfer of currency between people.

To get Puppy Coin, you must use a decentralized exchange for now. This means that you choose a platform like Uniswap where you can link your cryptocurrency wallet to it and use it to pay for currencies. In the future, if Puppy Coin grows, it will be added to core platforms, like the ones we mentioned before that are a little more user-friendly for beginners.

How to install MetaMask to swap Bnb with Puppy Coin?

To buy Puppy Coin you need first to connect to Binance Smart Chain on MetaMask platform. Start by downloading MetaMask on Chrome or Firefox, or Microsoft Edge(only these 3 are compatible) and for mobile users download the App from Playstore, or App Store.

In our article we will use the App Store version and show you a step-by-step guide with photos how to install MetaMask wallet and trade for Puppy Coin.

Have you downloaded the app? Let’s get started. Follow our photo guide:


Start by creating a new wallet

Remember to create a strong password to secure your wallet.



Write down your recovery phrase

Always secure your recovery phrase otherwise you will lose access if your phone or laptop breaks down. Without these words you won’t be able to recover your wallet on a new device.



Your wallet has successfully been created



Now you can see that your wallet has been created, but it is on Ethereum network. You need to change that.


Puppy coin
Ethereum Network


How to connect to Binance Smart Chain Network?

Follow our step-by-step guide to connect to Binance Smart Chain network where you can swap Bnb to Puppy Coin easily. Go to the Settings menu and click on Networks and select Add Network as you see in the photos below.




Then you have to fill in the following interface elements:

Puppy coin


Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:















Now we are on Binance Smart Chain Network as you can see in the photo below.




Your next step is to go to your wallet and click on the option Import Tokens as you can see in the photo above. There you will see that you have to copy-paste Puppy Coin’s contract address 0xdb766082401abd8751ce3182a13ab71709dd7ad2 and import it. You may also find the contract address on


Puppy coin


Your wallet is ready to receive Bnb and swap them to get Puppy Coins!

You can now load Bnb to your MetaMask wallet and swap to Puppy Coin! Remember that you will have to pay some fees for the transaction, so do not put all your Bnb, leave some for the transaction fees.



How to send Bnb to your MetaMask wallet?


There are 3 ways to send Bnb to your MetaMask wallet. It all depends on how familiar you are with exchanges and trading cryptocurrencies in general.


  1. You can ask another user to send Bnb to your wallet – OTC (over-the-counter) from his wallet and give him the money in person.
  2. Buy Bnb from your Binance account and send them to your MetaMask address choosing the right chain, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) as you can see in the photos below.
  3. Buy Bnb from to swap to Puppy Coin in your MetaMask wallet.


We hope this step-by-step guide on how to buy Puppy Coin will help you in your Puppy Coin first purchase. Leave a message below if you want to ask anything or need more help through the procedure.

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