How to track Puppy coin in Dex Screener

Dex Screener is a great platform to track Puppy coin prices. Practical DeFi tools can help you save a lot of time and quickly find high quality investment goals like Pupp, some of the best and free DeFi tools you may have never heard of.

In Dex Screener platform it is easy to track Puppy coin portfolio by creating a watch list and adding your favorite token.


Wallet activity monitoring

Dex Screener has a wallet address ranking and uses that ranking to track Puppy coin wallet addresses and what they invest in.


You can also create your own list based on this ranking:

  • Find your favorite protocol
  • See wallets in the protocol
  • Track Puppy coin
  • Reverse engineering based on the above information
  • Make a profit


Visualize Puppy coin performance

Everybody likes to regularly observe which tokens are winners or losers on a weekly basis and Dex Screener can better visualize the tokens data and help you understand the stacking result compared to other cryptocurrencies.

track Puppy coin in Dex Screener
Track Puppy coin in Dex Screener


Top DEX token in different blockchains

  • Trader Joe is available at Avalanche
  • SpiritSwap can be used on the Fantom chain
  • Puppy coin can be traded in the BSC chain
  • 1inch and SushiSwap are also great for multi-chain trading

We live in a world where multiple chains coexist and multi-chain bridges can help you transfer your assets to different chains. In addition, some protocols have their own inherent cross-bridges, which may be cheaper to use. Track Puppy coin in Dex Screener to make the best investment.


Observe the market in real time with the DEX Screener

I think the DEX Screener is the most underrated tool in DeFi, it supports:

  • Real time transaction monitoring
  • Multi-chain market trends
  • Set price alerts
  • Track Puppy coin price change

In addition, Dex Screener has a Telegram team that alerts you to all market trends. Dex Screener is here for Puppy coin hodlers, traders and investors to join, buy and track Puppy coin to The Moon!


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