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Our Puppy coin community is growing and we are happy to announce that you can read our news and interact with other Puppy coin hodlers in bitcointalk forum.

As Puppy community grows there is an ever growing demand to join more and more reliable forums to be able to interact and communicate with other cryptocurrency users.


Why join bitcointalk forum?

In everyone can join by simple creating an account. There you can join other conversations, create your thread, or just read whatever you want for Bitcoin, Altcoins like Pupp and everything about mining.


Puppy coin community in
Puppy coin community in


Puppy coin community in
Puppy coin community in


How to create an account in

Creating an account in bitcointalk is very simple. You just sign up with your email and create a username. You do not have to write your real name and of course, never give any information for your personal details.

Transactions in all networks (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC) are completely transparent, they are simply done under a pseudonym. The amount and time of the transaction are recorded accurately. Forever!

What is not recorded is the name of the sender and the recipient, their address, the purpose of the shipment and in general what information the banks hold and request from us. The same anonymity is followed in bitcointalk forum. Users are secured behind their anonymity. Of course in such forums you will also find scammers who do not have the best intentions. Be aware of scammers and fake information that aim to steal your cryptocurrency.

A great way to become a valued member is to take part in conversations about different topics, answer questions and help other Puppy coin users. All Puppy coin users will start from the newbie level and depending on how much they participate in the forum their credibility rises and ranks like Jr. Member, Hero Member and Legendary.


Join Puppy coin community and spread the news!

Follow our Puppy coin community in Read our thread, answer or ask whatever you want and spread the word to everyone to grow our community.

In bitcointalk forum you can join any language and talk to people from all over the world. All languages are supported! The crypto community is growing really fast and so does the Puppy coin community.


Puppy coin community in
Puppy coin community in


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