O3 Supports Puppy Coin and BNB chain

O3 is a complete solution for storing encrypted assets. As a compatible BNB chain cryptocurrency wallet, O3 supports Puppy coin. If you also support Puppy coin and want to follow us on our journey to the moon, buy Puppy coin and store them in O3 wallet.


How to create O3 wallet?

If you already own Puppy coin, or you are planning to buy Puppy coin follow our guide to create a new O3 wallet. We will show you all the procedure step-by-step. O3 supports Puppy coin… O3 is for Puppy coin hodlers! We will show you the way for App Store download.


1. Create O3 wallet


2. Select BSC network

O3 supports Puppy coin through Binance Smart Chain network. When creating your O3 wallet you can name it as you want.


3. Backup your private key


4. O3 wallet has been successfully created

O3 wallet successfully created
O3 wallet successfully created


5. Copy your Bnb address to receive your Puppy coin



Cryptos have been in our lives for at least 12 years. History has shown that hodlers who kept their cryptos are the ones who have more potentials of earning in the long-term. Puppy Coin is for hodlers!Follow Pupp on its journey to… The Moon!


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