Puppy Coin Tokenomics

Puppy Coin is an encrypted Decentralized Social Coin based on Binance Smart Chain network. Having a growing Puppy Coin community and a great SEO marketing agency ( l mean me, the Founder of Puppy Coin, l also run an SEO Agency, Paramarketing for more than 9 years) aims to benefit all Puppy Coin hodlers in multiple incentive ways.

Puppy Coin Tokenomics

Puppy Coin is available on PancakeSwap, and it can be swapped with BNB through its platform.

As mentioned in the official whitepaper of Puppy Coin, the tokenomics are as follows:

  • 4% Liquidity pools
  • 6% Future Projects
  • 10% Marketing
  • 10% Governance
  • 10% Staking
  • 10% Investments to other Crypto Projects
  • 10% Charities
  • 40% Hodling

How does Puppy Coin work?

Puppy Coin provides its hodlers with a great way to generate passive income in the form of bonus for those who join the 100.000 Puppy Coin Airdrop!

The income generated through Puppy airdrops contributes to the growth of Puppy Coin. The community of Puppy is also involved in every major decision of the team. Puppy’s team offers a transparency model through which the project will become a landmark for crypto investors to use and interact everyday.

What is Puppy’s Coin mission?

Puppy’s Coin mission is to help new crypto investors to learn, socialize, and interact with new crypto projects. Its mission is to provide a safer economic environment through Binance Smart Chain network where investors can buy and swap Puppy Coin in a growing environment.

The project’s mission is to built on an integrated commitment to its success and long-term viability.

The team behind Puppy Coin

The team behind Puppy Coin is a diverse set of people collaborating to give value to the Puppy Coin hodlers. Although the names of the Puppy Coin team are not mentioned in its official whitepaper, we should mention that the team’s expertise consists of advertising, graphic arts and new technology technicians.

Puppy Coin roadmap

Puppy Coin is moving really fast. It’s team has already completed the development of its website, social media platforms and exchange listings.

Unique Features of Puppy Coin

Low Fee

The fee for swapping Bnb for Pupp is only 0.3%.

Earn Puppy Coin

Buy 10.000 Puppy Coin from Pancake Swap and send us an email with your Puppy Address to puppy@puppy-coin.com to join the 100.000 Puppy Coin Airdrop.

Global Availability

Puppy is available globally.